About Us

Double Rock is a leading cash management and financial technology company. Our companies
provide innovative cash, cash-related, and technology solutions to the bank, broker-dealer, qualified
plan, and retail direct markets.

Headquartered in New York, we leverage our cash management solutions and business
and technology strategies to provide value-added services and compelling results for clients.

Cash Management Solutions
Double Rock provides insight and real solutions to companies addressing their cash management obligations. The consultative approach we promote contributes to a deep understanding of clients and
their interests. Solutions are insightful and adaptable to each client’s specific goals and requirements.

Business and Technology Strategies
Double Rock transforms the way companies and individuals think about their financial future.
Through our broad service offerings, the business and technology strategies we develop help
companies improve bottom line profits, achieve higher rates of client retention and acquisition,
and realize greater efficiencies.

Management Bios

Bruce Bent | Bruce Bent II

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